The total losses you sustained due to the possible fraud/negligence. Investors can use the following resources to check the credentials of a broker or firm before trusting them with any money. Investors can protect themselves by keeping detailed records, learning how to read your statements and keeping close tabs on what your broker is doing. It is also not a good idea to authorize your broker for unlimited trading in your account. Your broker has over-concentrated your portfolio in one particular investment.

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Although the process may seem complex, or intimidating, we make it easier for investors. Often times investors are unaware of the abuse committed by their trusted stock broker. These kinds of stock brokers will use every tool in their arsenal to manipulate, deceive, control, and extort money from their clients. Our firm provides a FREE analysis of your brokerage account statements in order to reveal the truth of where your hard earned money is going. These types of trades can dissolve an investor’s account within months and be disguised as “market-related” losses. At Shepherd, Smith, Edwards & Kantas, LLP, our team of dedicated securities lawyers have extensive experience in helping investors who put their trust and financial security in the hands of their financial advisor and brokerage firm.

Unauthorized Trading

Investors holding preferred securities in their portfolios may have noticed drops in the investment values. If your financial advisor recommended a portfolio concentrated with preferred securities and your portfolio has incurred damages, you may be able to recover your losses. Brokers and clients may agree that the broker has a certain level of autonomy to act on behalf of the client, but if that agreement is violated, the broker has violated unauthorized trading rules.

What is a breach of fiduciary duty?

For this reason, it can be difficult to know whether your losses justify a FINRA arbitration claim. We spend nearly all of our professional time litigating investment disputes, exclusively representing investors injured by stockbrokers, investment advisors, insurance agents, and other investment professionals. More Practice Areas We also specialize in elder financial fraud, securities mediation, commercial disputes, annuity and insurance product losses, trust and estate litigation, and more.

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Also like debt investments, preferred shares offer a fixed dividend payment similar to bonds. However, like Kiromic BioPharma class action lawsuit , preferred stock can fluctuate in value, especially when the value of the issuing firm is low. Preferred stocks are given ratings similar to bond ratings but preferred ratings are almost always lower than bond ratings because preferred securities do not have the same guarantees for interest payments.