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I am glad to call him my lawyer and I highly recommend Frankl Kominsky for your personal injury case. It also led to further surgeries to ethicon lawsuit staples correct the failed surgery because of the staples. Steven won the case against Ethicon and was awarded substantial compensatory damages.

Bacteria on the staple can cause an infection at the incision site. Surgeons may use staples as an alternative to stitches or sutures. Please attach any medical records, pictures, and any documents related to the injury. As part of the Kaiser Health News report, Freedom of Information Act requests were filed in September 2018, but none have been fulfilled yet. Device manufacturers would apply for “exemption” status to avoid reporting certain events to MAUDE. Even former FDA deputy commissioner, Dr. Robert Califf, was unaware of the existence of such a database.

ethicon lawsuit staples

Yet, Medtronic has been labeled the market leader in surgical staplers. The FDA has been continually monitoring surgical staplers for years. The modern surgical stapler has been around for decades, but the injuries it causes weren’t addressed by the government until around 2013 during the first stapler recall. That is exactly what has happened for thousands of patients who have suffered potentially fatal injuries resulting from surgical stapler defects. They can cause people to be incapacitated for long periods of time or cost families their loved ones. People can seek compensation for both past and future injuries from these devices.

Both laws criminalize a suspect’s being intoxicated in specific settings. However, the level of intoxication that must exist for each crime to occur differs significantly. A right to sue letter by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission gives you permission to file your employment discrimination lawsuit in federal court. Receiving one means that you have exhausted your administrative remedies for the discrimination, which is often a prerequisite for bringing a discrimination a private lawsuit.

Private submissions kept the public in the dark about the dangers of these defective surgical staples and staplers. We inform the public about dangerous drugs and medical devices and help injured individuals to assert their rights. The two Endo-Surgery curved surgical staplers were recalled in April of 2019, while the ECHELON Flex linear staplers were recalled in October of that same year.

Manufacturers and Surgical Stapler Recalls

Know that you are not fighting this battle alone as many victims of surgical stapler malfunctions and errors are already filing Surgical Stapler lawsuits. Continue reading to know more about the myriad of possible dangers brought by these medical devices and how you can seek compensation. Our surgical stapler lawyers will be more than willing to help you and be with you every step of the way as you fight for your rights. Ethicon Circular Stapler Lawsuits may potentially be filed by thousands of people who have undergone surgeries in the past year who are at risk of suffering serious injuries because of malformed staples. Johnson & Johnson was forced to recall thousands of its Ethicon circular staplers this year because of misfirings and malformations of staples that resulted in several deaths and injuries.

Why Should I file a Surgical Stapler lawsuit?

It has issued a Class I recall, even as reports of injuries continue to appear. The doctors and lawyers concluded that the problem was caused by an Ethicon stapler, which was later recalled. In 2018, the jury awarded her $19.8 million in compensatory and punitive damages. As the trials started, the manufacturer’s fault and product liability were easily proven in court. The highest sum ($80 million) awarded to a victim, a San Jose police officer whose anal canal was accidentally sealed by the misfiring of a defective Ethicon surgical stapler. The Statute of Limitations to file a class action lawsuit against Ethicon may vary from state-to-state.

Included in that hidden database are reports of injuries or deaths caused by surgical staplers. Although the circumstances of their claim are similar, each person maintains an individual lawsuit, and they do not join together as they would in a class action case. Those injured by surgical staplers and staples share organ damage and other problems due to the use of staples to close surgical wounds. Medical device companies are in the hot seat once again over the faulty manufacture of surgical staplers and staples. With more than 100,000 adverse events logged into FDA databases, the number of lawsuits has risen dramatically. People who are injured by staplers in internal surgeries may face lifelong medical problems that interfere with their ability to enjoy their lives and require additional treatment.

These defects include issues with the staple firing and the formation of the staples. It was revealed that the Ethicon staples were malformed and thus ejected by the body. The court granted him compensatory and punitive charges to cover his medical bills and unnecessary pain and suffering that he faced. How Many Lawsuits Have Been Filed Against Device Manufacturers? While some of the lawsuits have been filed for the doctor’s negligence, there are several that claim product liability in their lawsuits. 412 deaths and tens of thousands of additional injuries have been caused by these products.